We create custom apps

We have created apps that perform all kinds of functions for our clients, that have revolutionised the way they do business.

Custom App Development

We specialise in streamlining processes and automating tasks to help your business uncover it’s potential. We design apps that allow technology to take care of the complexities, so you can do what you do best – look after your customers and grow your business.

How it works?

Initial Ideas

We meet with you to collect the initial ideas you have for the solution.
Ask you various questions to help us understand your business and how you communicate.
Share our experience of parts of the project you may never have considered.

Devising a Solution

After we meet, we go back and consider every aspect of the business and what would be the best solution, this is where we’re different.
We build intelligent modules to suit the business. This is not an off the shelf development, this is something special, customised for you.


Before we even start to develop, we document all aspects of the solution we’ve come up with. This is then presented to you and revised, then revised again. Once we’re all completely happy with it and know exactly what you’re getting is when we start, this speeds up development and eliminates surprises.

Testing and QA

When we finish any solution, before it ends up in the hands of our clients it undergoes a rigorous testing and quality assurance process. We test every module for business logic, security vulnerabilities and performance.


Once the project has cleared our testing phase, we enter deployment.
Deployment has two stages. First is the user testing stage where users interact with the solution, provide feedback for changes if any. Stage two is the completed live version for all users.
To round out the project we sit down with you and provide product training on the finalised application and make any final adjustments if required.
Last we do a hand over with full access codes, its with you and you own it.

We’re all for integration

Our apps talk to other apps and web services, here are a few that we’ve worked with.