FileMaker 15

Fantastic Four findings from FileMaker Fifteen.

FileMaker today announced the release of FileMaker 15 suite of products.

Here’s what we love.

1) Concealed Data (think passwords) – This is killer! There is a work around that we implement in most of our apps currently that uses another field and a script trigger to hide data in a field and show bullets.

2) App Handoff – Wowsers! You can insert a photo, and then edit or annotate in another app on your iPad/iPhone, all from FileMaker Go or an iOS SDK app! Huge! There are web viewer work arounds but they are a little clunky and are subject to web viewers and URL call backs.

3) iBeacons – Zing! This is a great leap, really bridging the gap between iOS and FileMaker. iBeacons are a brilliant way to provide very localised information to the user. This will be great in malls, museums, art galleries and more.

4) Touch ID – Yes sir! FileMaker must be working closely with the iOS team as this is a great feature. Being able to use Touch ID to open a file is huge. Users generally hate having to enter log in and passwords 10 times a day, this will make that process a lot smoother for the user. Having said that, security is paramount!

What we are keen to see is FileMaker Go 15 and the FileMaker iOS SDK and how that works with FileMaker 15.

Fun times ahead, we are really excited about this release, happy FileMaking!

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